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My Wednesday Wisdom Weekly Email Subscribers Never Fail To Send In Heart Felt Feedback
This type of unsolicited feedback comes in every week

Feedback from Deb

Well, you can send me a nice note like that any day of the week.  Cant wait to here from you again on Wednesday with all your worldly wisdom.

Feedback from Rachel 

Thank you for your inspiration. You always pop up when I need that little boost of reassurance. 
Bless you and all you do. Rachel xx

Feedback from Janet

Thank you Margaret.
These mid week boosts are so helpful.

Feedback from Ann

I love these.
Thanks so much for doing this.

Feedback from Marie

Thanks Margaret
I look forward to these new inspirations from you.

Feedback from Janet

Thanks Margaret
Just what I needed today.

Feedback from Tasoula

Love today’s wisdom. You are so special. Thank you for being part of my journey. 
Sending lots of love. 

Feedback from Ann

Hi Mz M
You shine - you make a difference.
Thanks for walking your talk.

Feedback from Monique

I just wanted to share with you- I sometimes print out your Wednesday wisdom verses and hand them to various people at my work. They have been perfectly delivered at the perfect time for fellow workers. I love them. 
So, thank you.

Feedback from Jennifer

Your notes always make a difference! I love the Abundance Cheque and Wednesday Wisdom. They’ve helped me through some rough times. You really ARE a Treasure❣️

Jennifer 💚
 I swear Wednesday Wisdom does more for me than my subscribers! 
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