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Hi, I'm Margaret Gill

What Is Wednesday Wisdom?

Wednesday Wisdom happened when I got really sick a few years back.  All I could do at the time was to create little quote cards using text a friend had pulled out of the many products and newsletters I'd written over the years.  Having no idea what would happen to them, I added images to the quotes and I just made a few each day.  It was a tech-heads version of cutting photos out of magazines and glueing them into scrapbooks.   Then I started to post them on social media.  People started to like them, so I offered them as a weekly email.

Now, Wednesday Wisdom gets the most response, the highest open rates and the most love out of everything I've ever created.  The feedback helped me feel better, so I kept making them.

Now I have around 300 of the things with a couple of hundred more still to be made into cards.  Hopefully one day, they will find there way into book.
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So What Makes Wednesday Wisdom So Popular
I believe they work because they're so simple.
  • ​Wednesday Wisdom is short and easy to digest.
  • The wisdom seem to hit the spot at the right time for people
  • ​The messages are universal and touch peoples hearts
Feedback From Subscribers
Having run for several years now, there has never been a week where someone didn't hit reply and tell me the message had touched them at the exact right time
Omg, You did again 
Perfect message 🤓
Wow, this was so timely for me. Thanks Margaret!
I love it !!!
Perfect timing sweetheart. Robyn
Love this!!! 💖
So true, Thank you
Wow, this was so timely for me. Thanks Margaret!
You’re amazing 
Perfect timing for this 
You are such a blessing in my life
Thank you Margaret.
These mid week boosts are so helpful.  Janet
Thanks ... the perfect timing when I got around to reading this email.
Love you sweetie 
You bring a smile to my face.  Hugs and Health 🙏💜to you
Thank you and the voice in your head for delivering precisely what I need to hear right here, right now.  Patricia
Thanks Margaret 
Perfect dose of Wisdom for me today...
Thank you so much. 
I needed to hear this today.

Thank you Margaret for this Wednesday Wisdom just what I needed - cheers 
THANK YOU so much Margaret. This little piece of wisdom is very timely
Thanks Mz Margz! You are always a ray of sunshine with your messages! 
I look forward to your weekly Wed Wisdom insights.You are the best.
Lol you certainly gave me a giggle. 
You always pop up when I need that little boost of reassurance. 
I love these.
Thanks so much for doing this.
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