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Explore The Top Ten Things I've Learned To Help Me Finally Get On Stage & Speak
These are 10 top tips that finally gave me the courage to speak to small groups
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A Little About Your eCourse Presenter ....... Margaret Gill

The Unlikely Speaker

Hi, I'm Margaret Gill and I'm an Unlikely Speaker.  You see I was an incredibly shy child who rarely spoke at all.  I spent my teens playing in a bands and lucky for me I was the keyboard player so I could hide behind all those racks of synths and pianos.  I was backline and I loved it back there!

Eventually I moved to the corporate world and worked my way through the ranks in the finance and accounting areas, starting in payroll and working my way up to becoming a hotel financial controller in a large inner city hotel.  Accounts were always hidden somewhere in the bowels of the hotel and rarely came out into view.  In latter years I developed a talent for sorting out major problems in big corporate environments, usually working between the accounting, IT and management of the organisation.  I was solving problems I hadn't caused and I was treated like the Angel of Death because eventually I'd find the problem which meant someone's head, or a whole teams head's were going to roll.  I was always ushered out fast once the job was done!  

It felt like I had sandpaper rubbing on my soul every day.  Even thought I was good at it, I hated it!!! 

Eventually I stepped out to live my dream to work positively with people.  Imagine my horror when I eventually figured out that I had to step into the limelight and sell myself constantly.  The only way I could survive was to get to bigger audiences.  That meant I had to learn to speak!  

The journey has been long and hard and I had to overcame massive amounts of fear and self doubt, but finally I stepped out of the shadows and onto the front of the stage.  Weirdly, speaking is now one of my greatest loves and I have become passionate about helping other shy, quiet humans step up and get their voice heard from the front of the room.
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